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Since 1999 PROXIMUM Group has always played the role of the market locomotive by constantly innovating in order to improve the quality of the events and assure the growth of the BtoB meeting events’ market.
On-line registration platformFrom the simple rent of our on-line meetings organisation platform to the turn-key project to organise your event, we put at your disposal our own top performance BtoB meetings platform: algorithm of meetings optimisation, registration forms, selection of meetings and conferences, catalogue, on-line payment and integrated automatic notifications.

Virtual BtoB meetings are integrated in your member area (BtoB HD video meetings between international distant participants and those on site of the event).
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Matching qualityAt every meeting request the participants have the possibility to support with arguments their solicitation, targeting each contacted interlocutor.

The rejections of meetings are also motivated, so every recipient can understand the reason.
Transparency and control toolsThe real time supervision by the organiser of registrations, meeting requests, rejections and acceptances, occupancy level of plannings, final plannings of all the participants, etc...

Immediate autonomous database export from the backoffice. Emailing based on multicriteria demands in order to follow up the participants.
Virtual BtoB meetingsOrganisation of virtual BtoB

• Every participant takes part in his meetings from his own office: 100% of meetings are organised on-line via VisioMeeting HD application installed at each computer.

• Satellite long-distance events interconnected in real time: the same BtoB event is organised in several countries on the same time. The participants of every local event are interconnected via VisioMeeting HD on the PROXIMUM Group platform.

• Organisation of pre-scheduled virtual meetings (B2B Visiomeetings) on site of the event with distant contractors and delegations.
Meetings D+7Organising of «catch-up» meetings due to the on-line release of the BtoB event, 100% virtual, 7 days after the event, in VisioMeetings HD between the participants of the meetings which did not take place on the site of the event or of the second tour of meetings.
Automatic system of management on siteMass sending of immediate sms messages to participants to inform them about rescheduled meetings, delays of their interlocutors or to attract their attention to certain key points of the event.
Meetings optimisation algorithmPROXIMeetings® is the only platform on the market which provides a real optimising engine, giving to the operator a true smart interaction to assure the participants satisfaction.
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